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Sunday, December 30, 2012

I Brrrrrrrr Huckaby!

In 2012, NATRA hosted 50 free group runs with over 750 participants!  Figuring an average of about 6 miles per outing, we ran more than 4500 miles of trails!

(Thanks to Sabrina and David for the following report!)
It was a cold morning for the final NATRA run of 2012. With sunrise temperatures near 0°F in Flagstaff, we weren't surprised at the low turnout. Braving the cold temperatures were Sabrina, Susan, and David. It was warmer in Sedona with a temperature of 34°F but there was a brisk down-canyon wind.  Per David, cold air would be drifting off the rim and into Oak Creek Canyon, so we were to expect a windy, cold run down Huckaby. He was absolutely correct, and we began our run facing into the wind and well-layered up. As always, however, Huckaby proved to be a heart-pounding ride and we soon became warm. We made it to the creek and returned with the wind to our backs. 

Post-run was coffee and sandwiches at Indian Gardens, where we enjoyed a world-class view of the canyon and discussed the superiority of old-school photography and tube-screen TVs! Meanwhile, Sedona only got even colder as the day turned overcast, so it was no trouble heading back up the mountain. 

Also, we have all agreed that Neil needs to put Boynton Canyon back on the plan for the new year!




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