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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Chicken Point Wine and Cheese Run

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We had a small turn out for the Chicken Point run in Sedona but it proved to be quite an eventful post-Mayan Apocalypse run. In search of mistletoe, Bruce hit the jackpot finding and abandoned bag of three Modelo beers and a bottle Casillero del Diablo from Chile.

Feeling lucky, we set off to Chicken Point from Broken Arrow. This 5 mile jaunt was shorter than normal, but we all enjoyed the slickrock climbs and descents much better since we were not nearly as tired as usual when we run from Schnebly Hill road.

As we joked about the wine, we thought we better get rid of the evidence so we had a wine and cheese party on the patio by New Frontiers. We sampled Collier's Powerful Welch Cheddar, Ewephoria from Cheeleland Inc, and White Stilton with blueberries. A perfect start to the new Mayan calendar!

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