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Monday, December 31, 2012

NATRA's 2012 Top Ten

As we wind down the clock to the first group run of the New Year tomorrow, I have decided to make my own top 10 list for NATRA’s finest moments of 2012 (according to me that is!).

10. 9/30/2012 – Fall foliage run at Aspen Corner when more than 30 runners participated.

9. 10/6/2012 – War Dog Run attracts a record number of newbies and a history by race co-founder Rusty Knott.

8. 12/1/2012 – Beaver Creek Polar Plunge has record 3 runners take the icy leap, finally including me!

7. 3/31/2012 – Getting our butts kicked on Historic Route 66 Ash Fork Hill run.

6. 4/211/2012 – NATRA joins Albie Masland for a few miles of his epic Forrest Gump run across the country in support of the Travis Manion Foundation.

5. 3/17/2012 – NATRA takes an adventure run to the abandoned historic Johnson Canyon Tunnel west of Williams.

4. 2/5/2012 – NATRA’s Running Dead Aid Station full of Zombies and Flagstaff Katzen’s polka music win best aid station at Sedona Marathon.

3. 10/13/2012 – A most memorable Soulstice with a blizzard making course marking challenging, and then on race day the first Soulstice wedding between Sabrina Blackledge and Terrance Langham.

2. 12/21/2012 – NATRA’s virtual Mayan Apocalypse 5K Run to End All Runs and its commemorative Ramble Brothers shirts attract 350+ runners from across the globe.

After nearly 30 years of grass roots efforts (with NATRA’s David McKee a driving force), NATRA in part sponsored cleanup efforts, and what many said was impossible……

1. 10/30/2012 – the City of Flagstaff purchases Picture Canyon one of the most significant archaeological sites in the region. This gives Flag residents access to the Arizona Trail and an extension of the Flagstaff Urban Trail for future generations.


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