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This page is meant for folks to post their thoughts on the Saturday group run. I (Neil) will post a blurb about who showed up and where it was held. From there, I hope that other runners will share their thoughts since we often have different experiences on the same run. Enjoy!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Sunset - Soulstice Sprint Course

19 runners and 5 dogs ran the sprint course of Soulstice. We again felt as though we were running through a rain forest. With the recent unusual wet weather, we found water ponds along Sunset! When we hit the Lincoln Logs, Little Gnarly junction, Schultz Creek was flowing! We barely kicked up any dust and marveled at the lush greenery throughout the run. Tony then served up some strong espressos at the Seasoned Kitchen and as we left the next round of large raindrops began to fall. Let it rain, rain, rain!!!! Download photos from today's run.