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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Going Hog Wild on Chicken Point!

Pink Jeep Tour Driver captures the gang.

9 Northern Arizona Trail Runners Association runners and Tater left Flagstaff's chilly and windy morning behind to enjoy the warmth of Sedona. We beat the craziness of the Saint Patrick's Day Parade but knew we'd have to reroute our drive home to head south to I-17. 

25 years ago I took the role of Woodsy Owl at the Sedona Saint Patrick's Day Parade! "Give a Hoot, Don't Pollute!" I got in trouble for speaking (Woodsy was just supposed to wave). This was easily the toughest Sedona workout ever....until today that is! 

We ran across Marj's Draw to Chicken Point, and then we tested out the new death defying Hog Wash Trail. We no longer recognize it as Marg's Draw because there is only Marj in Sedona and we shall honor the "j" spelling from now on! This was a spectacular run and we felt that every step of the Hog Wash might be our last. We had fun taking a "detour" that left us scrambling to the trail's high point, with Bruce, David, and Neil using each other as human ladders to climb up t he slick rock. Afterwards the group enjoyed coffee in the Village of Oak Creek far from the March Madness of Sedona's Saint Patrick Day Parade!

 Heading out towards MarG's Draw
 Dan and Tater.
The back of Jared's shirt summed up the run for all of us!
 Don amidst Sedona's slick rock splendor.
 Runners and tourists converge on Chicken Point.
 Waiting our turn on the point.
 Susan enjoying some brief solitude.
 Heading into the unknown.
 Views most of us had never seen before.
 Whoops...where is that trail?

 Two of Sedona's newest trails.
Almost back to the trail head.

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