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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Life's a Beach in Sandy Seep!

Ten intrepid runners took on Sandy Seep (aka Rhiannon Wood's favorite run) during today's Northern Arizona Trail Runners Association Saturday outing. This is the section of Arizona Trail NATRA are the stewards for so it was time to do a monitoring run.

Battling the north head wind on the way out, we figured it would be nice to have the tail wind on the end of the run. Most of us were stopped in our tracks by the time we turned up hill towards the Christmas Tree Trail junction. The head wind and steep sandy trail made walking more efficient than running!

Once we ran across the beach like Sandy Seep, we then encountered the remarkable effects of post-Schultz Fire flooding from last years epic flooding.

 On the return trip, it seemed as though wind played a nasty trick and turned on us. Our much anticipated tail wind once again gone. We were aided by a nice downward pitch for the last 1/2 mile and the wind gave us a break. We recovered and warmed up at Flag Buzz wondering how all of our sand blasted friends might be doing out at the SP Crater races!

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