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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Heroic Guardians of the Streak! Brrrrrr....

(Thanks to Bruce Higgins for the post) At 9am, 5 of us met to consider our running options. The plan was supposed to be Soldier Trail, but the wind chill temp was 5 degrees.

The first suggestion was to bag it. Someone suggested Sedona. Finally, we just took off, not observing the obligatory 5-minute late-comer rule. (Heck, we didn't even wait 2 minutes; it was too cold and we were in danger of chickening out.) Two more joined us along the way.

Thinking we would just run the Soldier Trail 5k route, we decided to do part of the 10k route, once we reached the fork. (Being in the trees, the wind chill had abated some.) Once we reached the road before the amphitheater, we decided to just complete the whole 10k route. Of course this meant frozen faces, as we had a half-mile at the end directly into a stiff breeze and a wind chill near zero.

Warm-up occurred AFTER the run and was at the Bean.

Guardians of the record this day were: Rob, Robert, Ron, Anne, Katie, Matt and Bruce.

Its cold; let's move it! 

5k/10k decision point:

Frozen hair begins to melt:
The post-run warm-up:

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