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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Hangover II: Revenge of the Cow Pies

Fourteen runners and two pooches began NATRA's second visit to the Hangover Trail on a brisk morning. Unlike last time, no one really wanted to hang out on the saddles because the northeast wind was really whipping, as it was across the steep ascent on the backside. The hangover had several icy spots, inducing quesy feelings in more than one runner as we gingerly passed. 

It was rumored that another runner, with dog, had joined us, and indeed his vehicle was in the parking lot after we all finished, but really, we only have his word to go on.

Lunch (yes it was that late) was at New Frontiers, with some partaking of the New York bagel place nearby. (Thanks to Bruce Higgings for the past and photos!). 

Next week: Special Group Run: Solstice Survivor's 5K at Buffalo Park, 4:30 PM. 

Our destination is up yonder

Tzeidle jogs through an elfin forest of cypress. 

The speck of a runner nears the high point of the first saddle.

Don nears the high point of the first saddle:

The second saddle.

Happiness at the saddle.

Sara leads the way down the Cow Pies.

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