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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Right Side Up Snow

The NATRA diehards, Neil, Bruce, Sabrina, Susan, and David, decided to forgoe driving the snow packed roads to what promised to be a very mucky Brins Mesa run. With over of foot of "right side up" snow, all but Bruce stepped into their cross country skis while Bruce strapped on his trusty Kahtoolas. With fresh cold powder on top of yesterdays heavy snow, we remarked how not a grain stuck to our skis and did the first part of the Soldiers Trail. As the conditions were perfect the gang did the inner loop via the Bridge Trail, except Neil who had to get Mom's driveway cleared before she arrived from California. With temperatures expected to be in the 60s by next week, the snow would likely be a short-lived memory. We will reschedule the Brin's Mesa run for next Saturday.  
Heading down Urban Trail (David Blanchard photo)

Bruce excited to break powder.

Sabrina breaks trail! (David Blanchard photo)

Sabrina shows off her Mayan Apocalypse 5K shirt.
 Bruce and David scouting out the route back for Neil.


The gang splits up and heads for the Bridge Trail.

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