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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Getting Lucky on Jim Thompson

(Thanks to David Blanchard for the photos and Bruce Higgins and David for the blog!) In hopes of attracting a Sedona leprechaun, a dozen trail runners headed down that way this morning - running from Midgely Bridge(ly) to the Jordan Road trailhead and back. Since Sedona was celebrating St. Patricks Day with a downtown parade today it was wise to not attempt to go through the town to access the Brins Mesa Trail.

The women outnumbered the men 2-to-1 on this run today.There was water in the tank in front of Steamboat and the scent of verbena wafting up a nearby draw. The manzanita are blooming, too. Spring is here! We heard an odd beating sound that could have been drummers getting ready for the St Patrick's Day parade (Yes, Sedona has figured out when it is this year!) or maybe it was our erstwhile leprechaun digging his way out from under Steamboat to follow us back up the hill! Coffee/snacks were at Garlands, in the very pleasant garden area.

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