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Sunday, July 12, 2015

Soulstice Preview: A Chilling Summer Run


Was it Fall already? The weather guessers predicted a warm sunny day with the return of monsoons several days away. Greatly fooled, the 16 runners who arrived dressed for a hot summer run up the Sunset Trail questioned whether they had been transported to the often wintery starting line of October's Soulstice Mountain Trail Run (amazingly only 3 months away!). With the damp, chilly start to the summer, the wildflowers and mushrooms seemed about a month ahead of pace. Even the columbines were thriving.

After the tough 6 mile loop, thanks to CLIF, we enjoyed sampling their new line of organic energy food. Northern Arizona Trail Runners gave the thumbs up to all flavors including Pizza Margarita, Sweet Potato with Sea Salt, Banana Mango Coconut, and Banana, Beet with Ginger. ‪#‎RealFoodAthlete‬


Re-engerized, NATRA returned to the Kickstand for post-run coffee, the sun broke through the clouds, we sat outside, and it felt like summer had momentarily returned. Next week's run will be at the Arizona Trail trailhead off Old Walnut Canyon Road. We will run south on the Arizona Trail to the view points along Walnut Canyon. Afterwards we will head to Kara's house for a Blueberry Pancake breakfast!

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