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This page is meant for folks to post their thoughts on the Saturday group run. I (Neil) will post a blurb about who showed up and where it was held. From there, I hope that other runners will share their thoughts since we often have different experiences on the same run. Enjoy!

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Change is Inevitable

 (Thanks to Bruce Higgins for the post and David Blanchard for sharing his photos)
A baker's dozen of brave humans plus two pooches gathered for a snowy Saturday run - only the find a beautiful, if breezy, morning awaiting!

Since the run was a change from the previously planned Schultz Creek out-&-back, we didn't hesitate to change it again from Oldham to McMillan Mesa loop. The changed out-&-back change included a relatively new segment of this trail on the Switzer Canyon edge that provides excellent views of Flagstaff and points west.

 Most ran this route for today, but a few ran a changed out-&-back changed loop change route instead.

Since the total mileage was fairly short, many added a changed put-&-back changed loop changed change to the end in Buffalo Park. Coffee & breakfast at The Kickstand followed. No one ordered Spam - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=anwy2MPT5RE

 Next Saturday's run is our tradition Memorial Day venture to the Waterline Tunnel and back (about 6 miles). Meet at 7:40 AM at the "Y" at Schultz Creek to carpool up to the Schultz Tank Trailhead.

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