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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Not So Sandy Seep!

(Thanks to Sara Wagner for the photo)

(Thanks to David Blanchard for the post!) It was a cool morning with light winds and clear skies that greeted NATRA runners at the trailhead for the Sandy Seep run. It was obvious--right from the start--that this was going to be a snow, ice, mud, and rock fest. At least the snow was firm on the way up and you could run on top of it (well, mostly) but the return trip wasn't so great. Rapidly warming temperatures softened the snow so that some steps turned in a post hole adventure. And where there was no snow, there was now mud.

It sort of felt like running through tires at boot camp:

As usual, we reconvened at Wildflower for breakfast and coffee. This was the first NATRA run for Ryan who learned about NATRA while playing for Sambatuque at Aid Station 5 for the Sedona Marathon; it was Lisa's second run with NATRA. Hope to see both of you again!

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