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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Brins Bermuda Triangle Run

Sara Wagner leads the way.

Determined to successfully navigate the myriad of trails around Brins' Mesa, 14 NATRA runners set out on a 5.2 mile run...a 5.2 mile run....The weather was not rough (perhaps too perfect), but once again we felt as though we were on the set of "Lost". Our first sign should have been the sound of beating drums near the sink hole. After this point, despite our best efforts to keep the gang together, the unpredictable power of the vortices redirected half the group, with some running as much as 8
The up seemed pretty straight forward.
Simply beautiful.
Then we heard the drumming.

 Luckily, we all found our way out of what can now only be described as the Brins' Mesa Triangle. With everyone safely in tow we enjoyed the fastest food service in Northern Arizona at Garlands at Indian Gardens. Their enormous breakfast burritos, coffee, and cinnamon rolls somehow nearly beat us to our seats.

 So what happened out there? Bruce Higgins came up with the scientific explanation. See the Brins' Triangle map. Thanks to Bruce and Sara for providing additional images. Next week, Buffalo Park 9 AM to run the Lower Oldham trails we think we know!






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