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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Urban Trail Monster Hill Be Gone Run

The new connector trail on Observatory Mesa lands recently purchased by City of Flagstaff

11 NATRA runners planned to do the Flagstaff Loop Trail and as advertised practice the big hill for next Saturday's Sacred Mountain Prayer Run. However, word quickly spread about a new connector trail now bypasses the big hill. See Randy Wilson's Arizona Daily Sun Outdoors column for another description.

 Jim leads pack out of Thorpe Bark Park.
Urban Trail monster hill be gone!
Neil offered runners who were looking forward to tackling the monster hill double their money back. Alas there were no takers and we all enjoyed the gradual uphill climb through the meadow, running amongst ancient giant Ponderosa pines up to the Loop Trail. With the purchase of Observatory Mesa lands, this section of trail is a wonderful new addition for trail runners.

 Running amongst ancient Ponderosa pines and tall grasses.

We thought the trail served as a hypotenuse connector to the Loop Trail, so we decided to get a little extra work out and head up past the Museum of Northern Arizona, returning on the Fast and Furious FUTS trail along Highway 180 back to Thorpe. However, thanks to David Blanchard we later found out that the trail is not a short cut and we ran further than we thought.

 Thirsty, tired, and hungry, we packed the KickStand Coffee shop. Next week, Sacred Mountain Prayer Run! Hill included!

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