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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Adventures in Trail Running Sycamore Rim

10 NATRA runners once again enjoyed the Sycamore Rim trail to themselves! Knowing we would be running along lush pools of water, Bob the dog whined with excitement all the way on the short 30 minute drive to to the trail head. Before heading out was scared a herd of 30 deer who had been enjoying a nearby drink. We eventually made it to the wilderness overlook, well all except for Neil who had his leg impaled by a stationary Ponderosa. On the return, the greatest threat to our safety were hummingbirds zipping through the forest in search of red flowers! As dry as it has been, the Sycamore Trail had lot of wildflowers and was lush with water. By the end of our 7.5 mile jaunt, we again had the ceremonial gathering around Dow Spring where we re-hydrated with the purest, coldest spring water around! And no rattlesnakes protecting the spring this time!

 We found wild irises along the edge of the water

 Several photographed this cactus in bloom
 Returning from the overlook
The ceremonial re-hydration stop

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