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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Snowy Arizona Trail Adventures

Today's predicted weather did not disappoint and 4 NATRA runners (not including 2 nameless runners from the same family who joined us in spirit and then were later busted at Wildflower) enjoyed running 5 miles on the Arizona Trail all alone.

Once the rain turned over to snow we really started heating up and had thoughts of heading all the way to Mexico. At the turn around overlook we could barely see over the edge into Walnut Canyon and wondered if it really existed.

Where is Walnut Canyon?
Robert heading down into the canyon
On the return out of the canyon the snow blinded us at times. Back at the trail head about an inch had covered the cars and we made our mark. However, both Bruce and Neil in their haste to get warm and dry, both dropped their keys and wondered how they'd ever make it back to civilization. Luckily, they retraced their missteps in the parking lot and found both sets.

Samantha powers through the blinding snow
 The gang on the final approach

The biggest challenge of the day lay ahead - finding parking at Wildflower. As a result, we had to walk at least a few hundred yards further in the blinding snow.    
 The mark of NATRA

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