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This page is meant for folks to post their thoughts on the Saturday group run. I (Neil) will post a blurb about who showed up and where it was held. From there, I hope that other runners will share their thoughts since we often have different experiences on the same run. Enjoy!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Fisher Point Pin Ups

On a picture perfect morning, only five NATRA runners made it out to Fisher Point. We ran by last week's wild fire that was adjacent to the trail. While completely cold, we enjoyed the smell of the freshly burned forest floor. No doubt grasses will begin to thrive shortly.
As we neared the dreadful climb up to Fisher Point, I wondered if I'd be able to weenie out the ascent again but when all agreed to make the climb, I caved into peer pressure, and it was well worth the view! 
With Keith and Tony shedding their shirts, I again caved into peer pressure and Tzeidle took the April men of NATRA calendar pin up! 
With legs dragging, we all successfully made it out of Sandy Canyon completely exhausted. Thankfully Tony agreed to reenergize our day with his Seasoned Kitchen coffees where we ran into Chris and Tobin - a perfect way to start the day!

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