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Friday, November 23, 2012

Turkey Predictor Run 2012

Nat White explains the one rule....no watches allowed!
13 NATRA runners made room for Thanksgiving dinner by running 4.5 miles on the Lower Oldham trail and then joined in on the 31st Annual Free Flagstaff Road and Track Club Turkey Predictor 2 Mile Fun Run. The two mile fun run has been a great local tradtion for family and friends.

Nat White discusses the history of the event in the above video made in 2011.
The run consists of one loop around the outside perimeter of Flagstaff's premier running venue, Buffalo Park. Runners/walkers predict how long it will take to make one lap, and winners are determined by those that are closest to their predicted time. Tie breakers go to the fastest overall time. Winners then choose in order from the baked goods and other assorted prizes, including a turkey!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

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