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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Chicken Point: Rampaging Rogue Elk and going Back to the Future

If none of us were awake when we left Fort Tuthill at 8 AM, we sure were a few minutes later when a gauntlet of 50 elk along the edge of Highway 89 got our attention. Once at Schnebly Hill, 12 NATRA runners and two dogs headed into the chilly shadows of Marg's Draw. David and Susan B. fortuitously parked at Broken Arrow (later, Neil and David B. would decide to take a motorized short cut back to the trailhead). Once at Chicken Point there was some discussion about the return of the Purple Tights - see the video above for David McKee's "Back to the Future" telephone call!

After the run, we returned to our favorite outdoor seating area at New Frontiers and enjoyed double dipping chips in an assortment of guacamole and Greek yogurt. Just as we had settled in, a mountain biker from California began backing into one of the carports. It looked like the poor bike atop his Subaru was going to get crunched, but the bike was amazingly spared by less than 1 cm.

With temperatures in the 60s, David B. left us with a forecast with a glimmer of a few inches of much needed snow...cross your fingers for next week's Kahtoola snow traction run to Mark Thurston's cabin in Hart Prairie!

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