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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Sunset Trail/Mushroom Run

With Big Brothers Big Sisters Half Marathon behind me, I can focus on some of my other interests. Today, those interests all merged today on the Sunset Trail. It felt a bit weird as 10 runners headed up Sunset as I knew this would likely be my last time up there until I mark the course for Soulstice on October 7th.

As this is the height of mushroom season, I pretty much knew my run would be cut short. David had promised that I would see the Oyster Mushrooms growing in abundance just off the trail. When I found the cache I loaded up my mushroom bags. After a few minutes of trying to run with a load of mushrooms, I pretty much crapped out and decided to walk to the top of Sunset. What magnificent views and I started getting excited for October 8th.

On the descent I returned to collect a few more Oysters but something just didn't seem right. It was a bit too easy - this was the most I've ever collected and I began second guessing myself. Back at the trail head David and Sabrina piled a load of orange delicious lobsters behind my car.

We then debated whether I had collected Oysters at all. Searching all my mushroom guides and the internet, I decided not to make any intestinal mistakes and dumped the load as fertilizer.

Upon returning to Mountain View, David and I decided to have a little yard sale fundraiser with the TransRockies runner's cars parked at the Williams. Anybody want a car? These kids will sell it cheap!

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