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Saturday, October 23, 2010

FUTS Foxglenn Trail Day

While most NATRA runners enjoyed the aforementioned jaunt through Parks, David Mckee, Jasper and I helped organize roday's Make A Difference Day along the Flagstaff Urban Trail near Foxglenn Park.

Helping sponsor the event was a no-brainer. Shortly after I moved to Flagstaff in 1986, I (along with most others), voted in favor of the proposition that implemented the Bed Board and Booze Tax. The BBB tax kicked off the vibrant restoration of Downtown and created the Flagstaff Urban Trail System. More than 20 years and 50 miles later, NATRA is proud to contribute funding and resources to what we believe to be one of the finest networks of urban trails in the country.

With Martin Ince and Jack Welch leading the effort, all the pieces fell into place for a perfect day! This also marked the 5 year anniversary of NATRA's first Make a Difference Day when we sponsored the inaugural restoration/clean up of Picture Canyon.

Thanks to Fratellis Pizza, NATRA sponsored lunch for 60 volunteers. Friends of Flagstaff’s Future, Habitat Harmony, Sierra Club, Flagstaff Area Stream Team, Flagstaff Metropolitan Planning Organization, Friends of the Rio de Flag, Boy Scout Troop 31, Girl Scout Troop 363, Coconino Rural Environmental Corps, Northern Arizona Trail Runners Association, Americorps and Flagstaff Native Plant and Seed partnered to provide 300 hours of volunteer labor and supplies to pick up trash, plant native grasses, install a limestone sundial, remove fences and barbed wire, and plant trees along this section of FUTS.

Cheers to all volunteers that made today happen!

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