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This page is meant for folks to post their thoughts on the Saturday group run. I (Neil) will post a blurb about who showed up and where it was held. From there, I hope that other runners will share their thoughts since we often have different experiences on the same run. Enjoy!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Margs Draw to Broken Arrow to Chicken Point

Christopher, Jenny, Neil, Eric, Janie, Daniel, Gayle (going long from I-40 down Schnebly Hill Road), Mackenzie, Amber, Noreen, Rhiannon and Tim ran Marg's Draw to Chicken Point. Gnocchi, Sklar and Soren dogged the run. Along the way they made the usual wrong turn and added a mile to the run. Later, they ran into more jeep tours than ever as tourist season in Sedona is hitting its peak. Spring surely seems to have sprung today as the temperature quickly heated up during the run. After 2 hours of running in the heat, all Tim could say was, "Running is stupid". We then all huddled around the shade at New Frontiers and enjoyed iced drinks, the scene a far cry from the chilly runs of late. This was the last Sedona run until next November.
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