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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Kahtoola Snow or No Snowshoe Run!

On a typically sunny Flagstaff winter morning, 34 athletes lined up to race the Kahtoola Snow or No Showshoe Run for two great causes - Camp Colton and the Chris Klug Foundation. Camp Colton is Flagstaff's outdoor environmental education center for 6th graders while the Chris Klug Foundation is dedicated to promoting lifesaving donation and improving the quality of life for donors, donor families, organ transplant candidates and recipients.

In the 10K, Sylvester Coons defended his men's title and won the race in 52:58 ahead of Eric True (58.45) and Ryan Stevens (61.28). Laurie Lambert did the same on the women's side in 65.33 ahead of Sara Wagner (72:17) and Kara Huffman (88:41). In the 5K, Ben Sullivan won in 28.46 just ahead of Abe Springer (29.00) and Edward Amphleet (33.39). One the women's side, Dara Marks-Marino set the pace at 31.52 followed by Katie Haugerud (33.47) and Lisa Hutchinson (40.36). See full results.Most runners walked away breathless not only from the altitude but from the beautiful Flagstaff Nordic Center trail system that provided gasping climbs. At the end, most walked away with their oxygen tanks replenished and great gear prizes from Kahtoola!

Next up is the Saturday, March 14 Kahtoola Aggassiz Uphill Challenge! Don't miss out! Registration is available on Active.

Download today's photos.

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful Report Neil!
    this was our 3rd Annual Snow-or-No on a new, steeper course designed to give you more breath for your buck! it is absolutely fantastic to see more and more NATRA faces getting it done on 'the webs'!

    this is also the first event of the informal, "Flagstaff Winter Triathlon" which proceeds into a 10k Classic Ski race on February 1 and finishes with a 10k Freestyle Race on February 22! c'mon out!! check the Flagstaff Nordic Center website for more info...

    think snow!